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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Best Deal Of The Season (A Steal At $39.99)

Hello everyone!  Yesterday I posted about my version of a cable knit Nordic theme in the family room using several cable knit patterned items HERE.


I’d like to share with you today my best find for the shopping/gifting season. I know there’s lots of good deals out there, but seems like every year I run across one that’s really special and I think takes the cake.


They seem to happen best when I’m not looking for anything in particular and nope, I don’t do Black Friday.


For me this year, it’s these great Ralph Lauren cable knit throws that I found at TJ Maxx. They’re beautifully boxed for gifting, 100% cotton and come in several colors.  I found them when I ran into the store for some wrapping. Hubby was waiting and I didn’t have a lot of time, but I decided to pick the red one up because it fit with  my family room holiday décor.  By the time we went to dinner, I told my husband I should have bought the two ivory ones they had, too.  I then looked them up on my I-phone and I couldn’t find any priced below $99.00!  Macy’s put them on sale a few days later, ON SALE 1/2 price for $79.99!  I knew I had to go back to pick up the rest.  I couldn’t get them off my mind during dinner.


Guess what? They were all sold.  Someone had come in and bought all of them by the next morning. 


Luckily, my mom was shopping in Lexington the next week and found 2 more at Home Goods and 1 more at Marshall’s.


Guess what everybody is getting for Christmas?

What’s been your “deal of the season”?




cheri said...

I found the gray one at TJ's a couple of weeks ago and purchased it, now I wish I had bought a couple more. What a great deal. Merry Christmas....

LostRoses said...

Same idea but fake fur throws at Home Goods for the same price! I also bought just one but went back the next day and found one more. Not sure what they're supposed to be - fox, sable? But they're lovely and luscious and so snug and warm. Saw them in a Pottery Barn catalog on sale for $99. Score!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

I love RL anything…would you believe that I have not been in a HomeGoods/TJ Maxx in months!!

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