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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Very Special Cup From Provence

I re-discovered a very special silver-plated cup that I found in Provence last year.


I was at the market in St. Remy when I spotted this unique vintage piece having tons of Provençal charm.


It’s nicely hallmarked on the bottom and dates to the 1930s.  You can see the Art Deco influence by the pattern on the band at the top.  It had a gold wash on the interior at one time.


What makes it so interesting is the 3 dimensional cicada on the front.  Locally in Provence they’re known as “cigales” and you can hear plenty of them in high summer.


The “cigale” is a symbol of the culture and is featured prominently on Provençal fabrics – les indiennes- and pottery pieces which are said to attract luck and happiness.  I got the equestrian-style tray at Ballard Designs.  It reminds me of a horse bridle and bit and it’s a perfect piece being in KY.


I enjoy owning things with a story or history and I love to research antique/vintage objects.


You can see Murphy’s head sticking up from the sofa on the lower left.  This is his favorite spot in the whole house!  He almost blends in with the sofa color.

I hope you like exploring French Country charm as much as I do.  I’ll be back on Thursday with some more French Country décor nuggets.


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Monday, April 28, 2014

Whimsical “Springtime In Paris” Cupcakes & A Vignette

Let’s go on a vicarious mini trip to Paris via some iconic symbols!


I’m getting that giddy feeling again.  In a couple weeks I’ll be in Paris strolling her bustling streets with all her Springtime beauty.


Paris is much like a carrousel to me… having that exhilarating feeling of  movement and freedom without going too fast with so many different things to see as you go around on your adventure….and you never want to get off this ride.


I’m most looking forward to slowing down a bit with strolling walks and relaxing outside at cafes while taking in all the charm of this city.


This was a perfect time to bake some cupcakes as I was thinking about all the delicious patisseries I NEED to visit.


It all started with this….found at Sur la Table after the holidays.


A bowl of fluffy white icing was in order.


I think I forgot to show you this cute Eiffel Tower cookie cutter that I picked up in Pont l’Évêque last fall.  It’s even made in France.  I didn’t have time to make cookies but that’s definitely on my list.


I love vintage cutlery marked with “Paris”.  It made frosting the cookies sooo much more enjoyable.


I created a vignette on the breakfast room console for some added “ooh la la”.


I put together a tower by stacking 2 mirrored plateaus of different sizes and turning a crystal candle holder upside down.


These are the cutest darn cupcake picks ever.  I clipped a few pink petals from my Supertunias to add extra girly-girl cuteness!


Definite Parisian icons.


I love using platform baskets in displays.  You get the basket look but also have a flat surface to set things on.



My favorite little macron box.   Am I weird to keep pretty boxes?  The adorable graphic goes perfectly with this theme.



My cupcakes will have to do for now.  I need to go on a serious diet.  Fortunately for me the kids were home this past weekend and helped with the eating!


You can create your own version of Springtime in Paris with photos of the Eiffel and kitschy pink poodles.  Put on some red lipstick along with a little black skirt and heels and you’re ready to sip a little bubbly.


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Monday, April 21, 2014

A Little Outdoor Spring Cleaning Over The Weekend & A Flower Recommendation For You

We had a gorgeous Easter weekend.  The weather was perfect with temperatures in the mid-high 70s.  Hubby and I decided to do a little work outside while we had the opportunity.  Everything gets so dirty over the winter and there’s also a film of yellow-green pollen on stuff.  If you follow me on Instagram I was posting these pics on Saturday.


As you can see the pool cover is still on but will be opened in a couple weeks.  That’s when we get real serious and get the pressure washer out!  All the furniture from the loggia was moved out for its initial hosing.


Empty loggia with stacked up cushions.  (I would really love to replace these cushions) I can’t wait to make this into our outdoor oasis.


Hubby is in charge of the outdoor kitchen as he does all the grilling.


My job was to scrub the balcony.  I need to get a new outdoor rug for here and fill the planters.   I’m not sure the two hydrangeas in the round pots will come back out this year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  At least the balcony is clean for now.


I usually won’t plant anything until after Mother’s Day for fear of frost but I did go ahead and pick up these awesome Proven Winners from Lowe’s.  I highly recommend these.  They are supertunias and get very full and trailing.  They sell out quickly each year so I made sure I grabbed a few.  These are what I put in the large pots on the hot tub.


I love the name “bubblegum” for these.  I like this combo with purple, pink and white.


Here’s a photo from last year so you can see the supertunias in the pots.  This is a close-up.  See how full they get coming over the pot.


The view of the town below as I was standing on the balcony.  My beloved mountains are finally just beginning to turn green.


How’s your spring cleaning on the outside coming along?



Sunday, April 20, 2014

A French Poodle Easter Basket???

Guess what I found?  Yes, a French poodle basket!


My college-age daughter still insists that the Easter bunny should bring her a basket.  So I helped Peter Cottontail out a bit.  I found this awesome poodle basket at Hobby Lobby and you know I had to get it.  The stuffed arms and head were already attached and I love all the white with pops of hot pink.  Ooh La La!




It was perfect to do a Paris/poodle theme in pink and white.


I found an adorable vintage tea towel with embroidered poodles at an antique store and the pink Eiffel mini coin bank came from Pier 1.  Throw in some cozy socks, a toile notepad with pen and some cool Badgley Mischka shades!

I almost forgot to put in the chocolate rabbit!  ( I didn’t have good luck finding a white chocolate rabbit…they all looked too ivory colored)


And here is the finished product waiting for her to find it.


I hope you’ve had a marvelous Easter holiday!

He Is Risen!



Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter: Vignettes & Tidbits

I hope everyone is having a marvelous Good Friday today!  It’s going to be a beautiful sunny weekend here with temperatures in the high 70s…perfect weather for all the Easter egg hunting that will be going on!


Here are a couple vignettes I put together for this weekend’s celebration.  I picked up a pot of tulips at my grocery store and covered the base with a burlap sack.


I used one of my milk glass compotes to hold a scrumptious chocolate bunny and added one of my “He Is Risen” booklets to the scene.


It makes a simple but strong statement on the dining table.  I like combining the real reason we celebrate Easter along with a fun tradition that children enjoy.


Some of my other favorite spring motifs are birds, nests, and eggs.  A carton of eggs on the table? 


Look closer…


They’re birdseed covered “eggs” from Gardener’s Supply Co. I love to feed our feathered friends.  I can hear so many of them outside now that spring is here.


Some of my favorite French plates are these “Aviary” pattern ones by Gien.


Hopefully I can find some more bird plates in France.


We are  having Easter dinner at my mom’s this year, so I didn’t go all out on Easter décor but I am happy with just a couple important reminders of the holiday.


I’m putting a basket together for my college-age daughter and hopefully will get to share a quick post on Sunday so you can see what I found!  If you missed it click HERE to see some other Easter basket inspiration.

Happy Easter,

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gianna Rose Atelier: Useful Country French Themed Products

Want to add some Country French touches in your home?  I don’t usually post about products, but I came across a stash of Gianna Rose Atelier items that I forgot I had and their packaging is soooo inspiring.  They make luxurious triple milled soaps and various other romantic notions.  Their products certainly have a French flair so that’s why I was drawn to them.


They’re all make in the USA but have wonderful French names like Bonjour/Bonne Nuit which is a decadent linen scented candle (which they no longer make) and delicious smelling Vanilla Pear drawer liners.  Check out their lavender toile drawer liners HERE.


I love these special guest soaps in an apothecary jar called Les Oeufs d’Ivoire.


I’m totally in love with the Savon Pour Le Manior (soap for the house) box with the awesome graphics and unfortunately they no longer make this set (I'd buy it again just for the box) but they have a great hen shaped soap.


And lastly, they’re Gardener’s Soap packaging is too pretty to tear into and actually use!  It’s perfect for display!  I love the toile paper.  It’s lemon and clove bud and smells divine.  


If you want to add some small Country French touches in your house I suggest looking at Gianna Rose Atelier HERE.  I’m always on the lookout for interesting Country French related products to add to my home’s décor.  These would also make great gifts.

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