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Friday, March 29, 2013

Joyeuse Pâques

I’m thinking of Paris this weekend and how thrilling it would be to stroll by the many chocolateries  and patisseries during the Easter holiday.

A favorite moment of mine in Montmartre last fall was watching this charming family that I was fortunate enough to capture in photos.  It was a charming (of course, EVERYTHING is charming in Paris) small patisserie and as we were approaching on the cobblestone streets I noticed “un garçon” running ahead of his parents straight toward the window of the shop.  His family caught up with him as he was standing on the ledge to get a better view of the goodies inside.  (J’adore the soft mint green color of the façade.)


At his persuasive pleading in French, his mother agreed to purchase a yummy treat.  Ahhhhh, quintessential Paris moment.


I was also reminded of this colorful box of macaroons from Ladurée that was sent to us as a welcome gift from Philippe, the owner of the Paris apartment that we rented.  I can honestly tell you they were as good as they look.  You can visit the famous macaroon maker here http://www.laduree.fr/en/scene


What lucky shoppers to find themselves in this scrumptious place.  Oh, Paris how I miss you.  Food is such an art form in France and everything is elevated to a more delicious state!


My mind travels back to a myriad of endless treats awaiting eager patrons such as myself.  I find it is not a chore to wait in line.  It is quit pleasant listening to the chatter in French as I make my selections.  My mouth thanks me for the reward of tasting such confection perfection.  How I would love to have any of the following deserts spread out on my Easter table with all their French yumminess!

Œufs de Pâques en biscuits roses

(Easter eggs in pink biscuits)
Œufs de Pâques en biscuits roses

Crème au chocolat à la cassonade

(cream in chocolate brown sugar)
3 verres de crème au chocolat à a cassonade décorés pour Pâques

Macarons chocolatés

(chocolate macaroons)

Macarons chocolatés, décoration de Pâques

Petits nids à la noix de coco

(small coconut nests)
petits nids à la noix de coco

Petits œufs à la nougatine

(small egg nougatine)
petits œufs à la nougatine

Lapins aux pépites de chocolat

(rabbit with chocolate nuggets)
Brioche en forme de lapin aux pépites de chocolat pour Pâques

Poule au nid

(chicken in a nest!)
Poule en chocolat sur son nid, un bavarois crémeux et fondant

(images 7 thru 13 from Marie Claire Maison)

I came across this photo below on “google images” and loved it’s simplicity and color.  It reminds me of this season so symbolic of life, growth, and re-emergence.

Remember:  HE IS RISEN!

Now that’s something to celebrate!


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Monday, March 25, 2013

Random Thoughts To Start The Week: Drapes And A Dog

I had a terrible scare a couple evenings ago.  Our little precious Cavalier Murphy got out of one of our garden gates and was lost for about 45 minutes.


Notice the open gate?


I tried not to panic and called and searched for him as far as I could go.  I texted my husband who was in Florida at a conference that Murphy was gone.  I was afraid he had wandered into the woods of the mountain which is extremely dense.  Thankfully one of our neighbors found him laying down in a ditch cold (it snow flurried all day) and scared and put a leash on him and brought him back.  I had a heck of a time brushing out all the leaves and burrs in his coat.

You see, Cavaliers are big dog babies.  They don’t do well fending for themselves.  And, Murphy is the biggest baby of them all.  He’s home safe and sound, happy to be reunited with his stuffed bear toy, and all’s well that ends well!

On the décor front, I hung drapes in the family room and my daughter’s room.

Remember this toile?  I decided to re-use the drapes I already had in the family room.


I think they look better with the new SW wall color Wool Skein.


The previous large Kirsch mahogany rods were too overpowering so I bought these antique brass ones from Country Curtains.  They have a smaller diameter and aren’t distracting.  The focus should be on the drapes and not the rods.


Below is a peek at my daughter’s drapes.


These are the custom showroom drapes that I got on sale for practically nothing at Ethan Allen last summer.


The rod came from Pottery Barn.  I love the mercury glass finials.


I’m still working on her room, so I won’t reveal it until later.

I am sooo behind on my blog reading.  Forgive me sweet blogging friends.  I’ll be catching up with everyone soon.



Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Little Peek At My Lexington Abode

I guess you're wondering where I'm at and why I've not posted since last Thursday. I'm out of town again in Lexington.  Seems like I'm here more and more often.  I've not shown you any photos yet of the small house that we have here, so I thought I'd give you a few peeks.  Warning: Sorry for the poor photo quality...no editing software here.

It's a nice little single family dwelling on a golf course.  Perfect for us to get away and not have the hassle of a hotel.

This is the family room/dining room combo.  I keep everything to a minimum here so there's not so much upkeep (dusting!).  Not a lot of accessories of tchotchkes.  I have a housekeeper come in only a couple times a month.

 It's very comfortable and remember I said it beats a hotel room.

 I even have an upright piano in this place.  This was the piano I played on at my church when I was a little girl.  We bought it from the church many years ago.  It still has the best sound of any piano I've played.

 One of my husband's favorite pieces here is the custom mirror that says "Private Bar".  We are in horse country you know.

This is a vintage rosewood bar cart that I've had for a long time.  It's so old it even has rubber around the wheels.

I'm not sure you can see it, but I used Wall Words here to say "Le fruit de l'espirit est l'amour".

This is a little area in the kitchen.  This was the first French wine tasting table that I ever purchased.

This is the master bedroom.

I have a pair of these vintage capiz shell mini boudoir lamps that I just love.

Many of your have seen this colorful toile that I have on the master bath window over the tub.

 I couldn't get any kind of descent photo of the piece of antique stained glass that I have over the tub.

 And, finally this is the second bedroom.  I used a bed crown that I had in storage and added a murano glass chandy.

And there you have my home away from home whenever I am in Lexington.


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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Clock Is Ticking…Are You Coming With Us?

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the deadline for a $200 savings on the Blogger’s Brocanting Tour in France September 19-26, 2013.  We call it the “Early Book Rebate”.





Please drop me a line if you want to reserve a spot for the fall tour.  We are almost sold out and I don’t want you to miss this savings and everybody likes to save some “dough”, right?  That means there’ll be more you can spend on French antiques!!!





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Let me know you want to go.




Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Great Antique & Garden Show (And Now I’m Behind On My Blogging)

My “whole house purge” (as my friend Bliss called it) has been put on hold.

First, I left last Thursday for Lexington to attend the Bluegrass Trust Antique & Garden Show at the KY Horse Park.  Then my daughter came home with us from UK for spring break (woo hoo, glad she’s home for a week).  And, I’ve had company for the past two days.

The show was awesome as usual.  I only took photos with my Iphone so forgive the bad photography.


There are many booths from great antique dealers all over the country, but this year I focused on the wonderful designer displays and garden booths as well.

The booth below was designed by Lexington designer Kimbrel/Birkman Interiors.


I love the juxtaposition of this photographic art with the classic style room.  There’s no mistaking you’re in the Bluegrass state with Lexington being know as the horse capital of the world!


And these end tables made from antique Louis Vuitton trunks are to-die-for!  I would loved to have brought the pair home with me.


This room vignette was created by Matthew Carter, another great Lexington designer.  I love the subtle pattern in the sisal rug.


He has a wonderful way of mixing old and new and I was crazy about these “X” benches.  I love the bold graphic on the upholstery against the antique burled chest.


Jennifer Schnabel, also a Lexington designer, created this scrumptious little vignette.


This chair is so sophisticated and glamorous with it’s wide ribbon detail.


I’m not sure of the type of finish, but the chest was texturized all over almost like a painted grasscloth.


There were lots of antiques and garden items, too.  One of my favorite dealers had a great pair of French fauteils.  The leopard pillows looked great on them.  He also had a rare set of French Cavalier King Charles Spaniel garden statues but they were a bit pricey at $895.


I purchased several of these English red leather cricket balls for bowl filler.


I found a sheep painting that tempted me, but I’m waiting to find one in France.  I want one with more pastoral green.


I have one of these English marmalade jars. This one had been made into a lamp.


Just in time for Easter, were these vintage English ceramic bunnies.


All the garden booths put me in the mood for spring, plus we had 70 degree weather this past weekend.


Terrariums seem to be very popular now.


One of the most interesting booths was the artisan from Moss Studios who transforms just about anything into lamps, bookends, and various other things.  The look is definitely industrial.


He uses old rulers, gages, golf clubs, movie reels, you name it to make really cool stuff.






I especially liked the old silver trays made into mirrors.


An antique show wouldn’t be complete in Kentucky without at least one sugar chest.  This one is a fine example and was in a display from the Speed Art Museum in Louisville showcasing early KY furniture and art.


I didn’t purchase much this time.  I’m saving my money for shopping in France. In addition to the cricket balls, I picked up a sterling bud vase and a beautiful basket of live purple hyacinths for my dining table for Easter.


Don’t forget about the early bird discount of $200 off the Blogger’s Brocanting Tour September 19-25 in France.  The discount ends this Friday and you know you want to go.


Click HERE for the brochure.



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