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Friday, October 11, 2013

Weekly Recap and French Friday

As you already know, I have an easy weekly recap because I haven’t posted since last Friday’s recap!!!
That’s because I’ve been in Lexington again this week moving out of our small city golf course home that we just sold!  I’ll spare you photos of all the boxes and packing.  Whew! Most of the furnishings from here we put in storage because I didn’t want to drag it back to Pikeville.  More on that later.
Let’s move on to French Friday.
A highlight for me when visiting France is going to the fresh markets.  Oh, I wish we had markets like these!
The French still buy most of their food fresh…daily and weekly…and don’t need lots of cupboard space and pantries for processed boxed and canned foods. Nor do they freeze a lot.
And with produce like this why would you?
Markets are considered staples…not special events like our pop-up farmer’s markets in the summer.
You can get just about anything at the market including clothing, accessories, soaps, local products, etc.  but I tend to only take photos of the fresh food, flowers, and cheese!


I love the market in Deauville and purchased a couple items there including a beautiful orange cashmere throw for only 30 euros which I’ll show you later.  I also picked up a lovely navy shawl that I have already worn many times.


I would love to have been able to bring these bright little pumpkins home with me for fall décor.  I adore their deep orange hue.
If I had markets like these where I live, I might even be inspired to cook more….maybe!
Come back next week for the continuing story of our Brocanting Tour and the saga of our house hunting in Lexington as we struggle with deciding to sell our Pikeville dream home.


Sarah said...

The fresh food markets of France are incredible and a sight to see. Thanks for sharing the photos, Kim. Good luck with your move.

Deserae said...

Wow,wow.wow!!! I wish we had markets here like that! I am always intrigued at the amazing foods they make when their kitchens are so small compared to ours. Good luck with the house hunt. I imagine it must be really hard to give up your dream home?!?!? Have a great weekend!!!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

You are such a busy lady Kim!....Hope you will be able to rest and have some fun this weekend!...Loved seeing your beautiful pics of the French Market...everything was so incredible from the fruits and vegetables to the glorious flowers and clothing too!...

I have talked non-stop about the "Kimbery Hites Brocanting Tour" to all my friends an family...cannot say enough of how wonderful my experience was!!..Looking forward to another one!!!...

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I sure wish we had markets like this here. I loved visiting that.

Curtains in My Tree said...

Yes if only we could walk to the fresh market every day to prepare our lunch
those markets are beautiful
think how much thinner we would be if we ate fresh everyday in stead of McDonalds?

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