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Friday, October 4, 2013

French Friday and Weekly Recap

For today’s French Friday, I want to give a shout out to my friend Cat at Sunday Brocantes and her husband, aka “French Guy”.

So….they live in Normandy, France…she’s an ex-pat and he’s…well he’s French!

They were wonderful tour providers and they compliment each other perfectly.
French Guy is an antiques expert and professional shipper and he was very patient with the 5 of us wacky American “drooling over French antiques” women for a week.  I think we asked him a billion questions and he was helpful and patient.  His knowledge is astounding and he has lots of interesting stories about France.

Here is French Guy (right) with my husband, Tim (left) last year in Normandy.


Here is French Guy strolling around the antique shop.  Maybe he was trying to hide from us very American “gasping and pointing at all the cool antiques” tour participants!


And here is the lovely Cat.  She worked very hard to make our tour the best.  We loved getting to know her and spend time with her shopping at her favorite places.  She even drove the bus van when she had to.  She is a woman of many talents. Isn’t she so très chic?


I shared this photo of us earlier this week.  I’m so glad I got to  know her.


 If you ever need a shipper or a French connection concerning antiques you must give them a call!

Now for the weekly recap:
MONDAY: I was duking it out with Kim over at Savvy Southern Style…… HERE.


TUESDAY: I joined 11 other lovely bloggers for the Fall Around The House party with lots of neat autumn inspiration HERE.  I shared 3 easy to make fall wreaths.


THURSDAY: A must-see hosted lunch in the most gorgeous dining room at Rabbit Hill, Normandy HERE.


Hope you have a marvelous weekend!  I'm looking at more houses this weekend!
See you next week,


Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Hey Kim....loved all the pics of Cat and the "French Guy"...yes, he certainly had his hands full of us bombarding him with so many questions and statements like "so what do you think about this piece Alain?"..."well at least this one"...but, he was always, always patient and accommodating and informative...and Cat, the very same way...they are truly a kind and generous couple...I am so glad that you was able to meet up with them last year as our trip may not have happened...so thank you sweet Kim!.....Hope you and Tim are well. Have a great weekend!

Cat @ Sunday Brocantes, France said...

Merci beaucoup mon amie! Just seeing this now as it has been a very busy tour with Tracey and her husband! So much fun but haven't had a minute to catch up yet!

You are too kind and sweet and honestly French Guy and I enjoyed every minute of it! xx Cat

PS---LOVE your Friday re-caps!

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