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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Staircase Fascination

What is it with staircases?  And why am I so addicted to them as we are looking at old houses?

Beautiful staircases have always fascinated me and I thought I’d share some of the ones we’ve seen lately in visiting and looking at old houses for our future move.  There are so many different configurations of them and it’s amazing how well they fit architecturally. Here are some interesting styles and layouts:

This one is very elaborate and grand. I love how it floats and its wide steps.  I also love the window on the first landing.




This one is much more compact and close to the front door.


This one is a fantastic circular style.





This Victorian example has windows going up the stairs but the steps a little narrow.




I think this is my favorite set of all: The wide U-shape with the large landing and window.


My husband checking it out.  Wouldn’t it be gorgeous updated? Yes, the chair lift would have to go!


It has such a solid quality to it.








Okay can you tell I really like this one!!!

A portion of my staircase at La Belle Époque. 


Older staircases have such character.  I keep thinking of going to one-story for convenience, but I just love interesting staircases.  They can be such grand statements in a house. What style is your favorite? 



P.S. Don’t know why I sometimes associate staircases in old homes with ghosts and scary things…I guess it’s appropriate at Halloween!  Maybe it’s the haunted house shows that have been playing on HGTV this week.


Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Kim, well out of all of them I have to say La Belle Epoque is my favorite, actually and truthfully.

BUT I know you must go......and every single one of those you showed are wonderful.

I love that chandy in the first pic, wow, isn't that amazing?

You ahve exquisite taste and will find the perfect staircase.

If I EVER get to downsize (hubs says no, haha) I would go to single story in a NY second, though.

Happy Halloween! BOO TO YOU!!!

NanaDiana said...

Those are gorgeous! We had one almost identical to the one with the window seat in it in one of the historical houses I redid. Hope you had a great Halloween Day- xo Diana

Sarah said...

Each one is gorgeous! I'm in love with staircases too. Don't shun that chair lift. Ha! It just might be handy at some point. Kidding of course. No need to have it if you don't need it. As we age we are concerned about all the stairs in our home. We don't have a grand staircase such as these. Good luck with the search.

Anne Boykin said...

Hi Kim, I love all the staircases, especially yours. As for floor plans, I'm a fan of the two story for the staircase but I have the master bedroom on the main floor.
It should eliminate the need for the chair lift. Thanks for your lovely blog.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

My favorite staircase?....Yours!!!!

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