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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Office (All Work And No Play Might Make Me A Dull Girl)

Rapunzel has been in the tower for too long.  I have moved my computer from the 3rd floor studio to a small second floor pass-thru alcove room.

1-Office Collage 1

As I’ve been on my house mission to clean out and organize everything, I’m also on a mission to simplify the décor.   I want to be clutter free, efficient, and surrounded by those things that inspire me the most.


The walls are a calming greige tone called Versatile Gray SW 6072.  See the antique French grain measure on the floor?  It comes in handy to hold magazines.


Can you guess what I’m using to hold the shelf?


These are a pair of antique French painted metal candle sconces in all their original chippy goodness.


This is my quiet corner, where I daydream and think about blog posts.  The French zinc letters used to spell “HERE” remind me that “HERE” is where lots of important thoughts take place.


This is a special Jasper curio that my dad bought my mother many years ago for their 25th wedding anniversary. Of course, it has a certain “frenchiness” to it.  I just recently removed most of the tchotchkes and replaced them with my collection of Country French décor books.  Re-styling this cabinet is still a work in progress.


The ironstone bowl contains vintage red leather English cricket balls.  I bought the book at Anthropologie….it’s a must read.


The numbered bins came from Pottery Barn a while ago and the little Eiffel was a souvenir from the airport in Paris.




I’ve had this antique wood cutlery tray for years.  I love its patina.  It works great to hold things in an office.


I’m always on the lookout for unique Eiffel Towers.  This is actually a mid-century model made of plastic!


I also love interesting bookends and these are my favorites.  They’re made of spelter and date to the Art Nouveau period.










Now you’ve had a glimpse of my “blogging territory”.  I still need to hang the toile window treatment and finish a little area with a memo board.  I’ll reveal those when I get them completed.  But don’t hold your breath!



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Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Very nice, Kim!!

I am (trying I SWEAR) de-cluttering and reorganizing too.

I never have a great deal of clutter but my basement and office are a hot mess of disorganization, and it is truly and slowly but surely driving me mad.

I tend to nest in spring, so I feel your need for change and simple spaces. Good for you!

Sarah said...

Kim, your office space looks very organized and clean. I'm forever working on my space. I seem to have endless piles of paper. Love seeing your special souvenirs from Paris and France. Like you, I have a few Eiffel Tower models too. '-)

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Love your new office space and love all the Paris treasures!!!...So nice to have a wonderful space as yours so you can dream!!

Cynthia said...

What a great new space. I love the molding, it is so pretty and the curio is gorgeous. What a great space!!


prince snow farm said...

I adore this space!!! I would write and dream all day here! LOVE that cabinet!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

The color of the walls complements the rest of the décor quite nicely, and it's rather calming to look at, which is the right kind of ambiance you'd want from an office. The rest of the room looks quite charming as well. I especially like the French zinc letters on the wall. And the Jasper curio brings a nice, lovely touch of aqua to the room.

Formula Interiors

Unknown said...

You’ll definitely see many beautiful and precious things in your home office. Wow! Where did you get all that? Haha! It’s just really amazing to see those exemplary pieces in one place. The grandeur is really visible in every corner of this room! Your blogging territory is simply the best, Kim. Good job!
Clayton Steadham @ Metro Offices

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