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Thursday, May 31, 2012

French Focus- Three Artists: Part 2

In a previous post, I gave you information about the French-American artist Charles Levier.

Today, I’ll cover the other two artists.

First, is Victor Ferreri (1915-2009). He was a French post-Impressionist painter.
So little is known about him, that’s about it!  But I did find a couple more examples of his work through Google.


This is the Ferreri oil on board painting that I own.  It is small at 10” X 14”.  It is such a charming depiction of a village set on a hill.


It is signed in the lower right corner V Ferreri.  I purchased this from European Antique Market in Louisville, and Shawn herself brought this back from France. Lucky me!


Below is another example that I found of his work at auction on Google.   It, too, is a small oil on board.


Another of Ferreri’s pieces.


Finally, we have Paul Lambert, whose artwork is currently on my wish list.  Again, Belle Maison Antiques in Lexington is the purveyor of this exceptional oil on canvas.

Paul Lambert, a French painter (peintre) was born in 1910. He reputedly lived and worked in the artistic community of Montmartre, the famous night club and cafe district in North Paris.
In general, he made oil paintings (peintre de l’huile) of Parisian cityscapes around Montmartre and the banks of the Seine. He probably was one of the many artists who painted for the tourist trade at the Place de Tertre, exhibiting their art work on the mall of the cathedral. 


This Lambert oil painting is typical of his Paris cityscapes done with sharp lines and muted colors. There is something so compelling about this painting.


The following information is from Michele Carolla, director of European paintings and decorative arts for Neal Auction Co.

Paul Lambert, b. 1910, is a French painter known for his depiction of Parisian scenes, such as views from the left Bank of the Seine.  Little else is known about this artist, except that he regularly illustrated images of life in Paris, especially that of the artistic community of Montmartre, where he probably lived.
It is entirely possible that he was one of many artists who worked, and still work, at the Place de Tertre, painting for the tourist trade.  The area is similar to Jackson Square, in that artists congregate around the mall of the cathedral, displaying their work for passers by.
He employed a cool palette combined with a very precise dark line to capture the vitality of the city.  There is a pleasing quality to his work, though it retains a somewhat “postcard” feel.  While not widely known, Lambert’s paintings have occasionally turned up at auction.  His work does best when the specific site is identified.

(st. Pierre Du Montmartre)

(view of Notre Dame Paris, From The Back Side)

Parisian Street Scene

This painting is titled on the frame: ‘Le quai de l’horlage’ ( ‘The landing of the clock’).

Another Parisian Street Scene

I’m excited about the thoughts of working on building a French art collection.  I used to buy a lot of lithographs, but am now concentrating on original art and antique engravings.  While Charles Levier is much more widely known, I think these other two artists are equally charming and at least, documented.
One great piece of art can make a room!

Ebay currently has several of Levier’s oils for sale (but a bit pricey at $4,000 – $18,000) and a couple Lambert’s.  I’ll have to see if I can talk Hubby into investing in the Lambert painting in Lexington.  Who knows?

Happy Decorating and Collecting!


Olive said...

I like the Paul Lambert works especially the last one.

Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista said...

I love the Ferrari. Growing up my mother collected California post-impressionists, so this looks pretty familiar to me (although set in Italy:)


Unknown said...

I love them both! I love the architectural lines of Lambert's work but I am also a sucker for Impressionist and Post-Impressionistic paintings. Happy collecting to you too!

Unknown said...

Hi, I have a Lambert painting, I believe Eiffel tower in the background. I was researching the artist and found your blog.


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