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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

M.I.A. for awhile…(But, I’m Back Now!)

Four weeks…Really?  Has it been that long? Really?  WOW!  Time certainly does “fly”.

It’s been 4 long weeks since my last post and I certainly didn’t plan on staying away from Blogland that length of time.  I would have told you if I had known it would be that much time.

But, life happens.  And, boy, has it happened.  Nothing bad, mind you.  All good things.  All busy things.   All things that have my mind and schedule occupied with  family and children.

Here is just a sampling of what the last 4 weeks have held for me (without sounding like I'm bragging, of course!).
A trip to Louisville for an awards banquet for my daughter to receive the prestigious Kentucky Female Academic Athlete of the Year Award  then on to Owensboro, KY (in the western part of the state) to the All “A” Girls Softball State Tournament (where our team made it to the semi-finals…go Panthers!).  We were in Lexington the next weekend for my son’s college graduation at UK.  He graduated with honors obtaining two degrees: Chemical Engineering and Math.  My daughter’s last high school prom was the next weekend and we had 13 couples and their parents at the house for photos.  And, this past weekend, my daughter graduated from high school #5 in her class!  All the while, having softball games every other night!  Oh, and I forgot to mention, my birthday was Sunday the 20th, the same day as graduation.  Being a breast cancer survivor, I cherish every birthday!  I'm glad I'm getting older!!!

Rest assured, while you guys have been blogging, I’ve been sitting at a softball field!!!

I wouldn’t trade a minute of it.  Blogging is a hobby, but my priorities are on my family and they come first.  Besides, I didn’t  want to hurry and throw some posts out there just to be posting.

I love to blog.  It is so much fun.  I’ve met so many wonderful bloggers.  What I’ve missed most is reading all  your great blogs.  I have a lot of catching up to do.  

At first, I worried about not blogging.  Then, I decided to release it and do the best I can do.  We all have different phases in our life.  My freedom will come soon enough in the fall when I will officially become an empty nester.  Right now, my focus will remain on family. I still have a busy summer coming up:  a couple trips to Chicago, helping my son move there as he begins a graduate program at Northwestern, trips to Atlanta as my step-daughter and her husband have just purchased their first home, and moving my daughter into UK this summer for a pre-med program, then back out again, then back to UK again for sorority rush and the fall semester.  And, I still hope to open an Etsy shop this summer.

I appreciate my followers and will try to post a little more consistently of once or twice a week.  I’m very thankful I am busy and not bored!

I told you I would share a few prom photos with you.  Oh, to be that young again!
These photos kinda serve double duty as garden pics, because you can see some of the outside areas around our home.


We call this our garden wall below.  The insert is a poly-chromed terra cotta freize (ca. late 1800s) that came from a building in Chicago.  We found it in pieces at Architectural Salvage in Louisville and had it tiled into the stonework.


The gang “hammin’ it up”!


Hot tub and pool area (notice the early lavender stalks!)


Steps to the bench overlooking Pikeville


Next to the pool


Front porch below

Well, stay tuned.  Our high school is hosting the District and Regional Baseball and Softball tournaments this week and next week.  I’m headed to the field tonight to work in the concession stand.  

Your long lost blogger,


Michele said...

Wow, what beautiful couples they are!

And your daughter- wow, she is gorgeous!! Just like her mamma!

You were missed, but the nifty thing about blogging is one steps right back into it where one left off.

My baby sister graduated from UK - awesome school, awesome city, love love love it there. I *highly* recommend your daughter considering becoming a Pi Beta Phi there. She won't regret it one bit.

Enjoy your time this summer with your family, being an empty nester is actually TOO quiet and you will miss the noise more than you can know right now.

♥ to you and yours,


Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Life, and family first. You've been busy, busy, busy. Congrats to your children. Great photos! Cherish every moment, and blog when you can.

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Kim, congrats on all of the wonderful things happening in your world! It's truly an exciting time. We are experiencing the same things! Graduations, 22nd wedding anniversary, prom, cheer banquets, MIL's 80th birthday...lots going on! Blogging has been put on hold! LOL! Enjoy this time!

Jan said...

Like many blog readers I often scan the text and go straight to the pictures. As I scrolled down I thought, "What a beautiful bride but those bridesmaids' dresses - it looks like the bride let them wear whatever they wanted." LOL - that will teach me to read more carefully! Beautiful girls and their prom dates and congrats on all of your and your family's accomplishments. I know what you mean about staying away from your blog - you almost feel as if it's another child that needs attention. Thanks for the updates and have a great Summer.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

WOW...now you have been one busy MOM!!! Congrats to both your children...I know you are sooooo proud of them and should be. The prom pics are so pretty and your yard is STUNNING!!!


Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Kim, Congrats to all your children! The prom pictures are so pretty and your yard is a WOW! I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Gorgeous pictures of the prom.,,,your daughter is beautiful and congratulations to her on her most prestigious award...brings back many memories for me and also congrats to your son...you must be so very proud of them!!...

Starting in the Spring, I spend many weekends away with my hubby at softball tournaments....You would never think these "old guys" can play...

Again, congrats to your family for all their wonderful accomplishments!

Sarah said...

Kim, I clicked over to this post when I saw it at the bottom of today's post. Your daughter is gorgeous, just like her mom. What beautiful prom photos. Times have changed since my prom experience in the 60s. ;-)

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