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Monday, April 28, 2014

Whimsical “Springtime In Paris” Cupcakes & A Vignette

Let’s go on a vicarious mini trip to Paris via some iconic symbols!


I’m getting that giddy feeling again.  In a couple weeks I’ll be in Paris strolling her bustling streets with all her Springtime beauty.


Paris is much like a carrousel to me… having that exhilarating feeling of  movement and freedom without going too fast with so many different things to see as you go around on your adventure….and you never want to get off this ride.


I’m most looking forward to slowing down a bit with strolling walks and relaxing outside at cafes while taking in all the charm of this city.


This was a perfect time to bake some cupcakes as I was thinking about all the delicious patisseries I NEED to visit.


It all started with this….found at Sur la Table after the holidays.


A bowl of fluffy white icing was in order.


I think I forgot to show you this cute Eiffel Tower cookie cutter that I picked up in Pont l’Évêque last fall.  It’s even made in France.  I didn’t have time to make cookies but that’s definitely on my list.


I love vintage cutlery marked with “Paris”.  It made frosting the cookies sooo much more enjoyable.


I created a vignette on the breakfast room console for some added “ooh la la”.


I put together a tower by stacking 2 mirrored plateaus of different sizes and turning a crystal candle holder upside down.


These are the cutest darn cupcake picks ever.  I clipped a few pink petals from my Supertunias to add extra girly-girl cuteness!


Definite Parisian icons.


I love using platform baskets in displays.  You get the basket look but also have a flat surface to set things on.



My favorite little macron box.   Am I weird to keep pretty boxes?  The adorable graphic goes perfectly with this theme.



My cupcakes will have to do for now.  I need to go on a serious diet.  Fortunately for me the kids were home this past weekend and helped with the eating!


You can create your own version of Springtime in Paris with photos of the Eiffel and kitschy pink poodles.  Put on some red lipstick along with a little black skirt and heels and you’re ready to sip a little bubbly.


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Janette - The2Seasons said...

This is a great post, Kim! Beautiful photos. I'm salivating.

uncoolmom17 said...

What a charming and beautiful post. Love following your blog!

Cynthia said...

This was a great post and I forgot you were going back soon. Hope you have a blast!!! Love your cupcakes.


Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

The cupcakes look wonderful....and so wonderful that you will be spending Springtime in Paris!....Have fun!!...I will live vicariously through your pictures!!

Helen's Decor said...

What precious cupcakes! It's been ages since my days in Paris. It is unique and amazing. Can't wait to hear about your trip.


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