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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gianna Rose Atelier: Useful Country French Themed Products

Want to add some Country French touches in your home?  I don’t usually post about products, but I came across a stash of Gianna Rose Atelier items that I forgot I had and their packaging is soooo inspiring.  They make luxurious triple milled soaps and various other romantic notions.  Their products certainly have a French flair so that’s why I was drawn to them.


They’re all make in the USA but have wonderful French names like Bonjour/Bonne Nuit which is a decadent linen scented candle (which they no longer make) and delicious smelling Vanilla Pear drawer liners.  Check out their lavender toile drawer liners HERE.


I love these special guest soaps in an apothecary jar called Les Oeufs d’Ivoire.


I’m totally in love with the Savon Pour Le Manior (soap for the house) box with the awesome graphics and unfortunately they no longer make this set (I'd buy it again just for the box) but they have a great hen shaped soap.


And lastly, they’re Gardener’s Soap packaging is too pretty to tear into and actually use!  It’s perfect for display!  I love the toile paper.  It’s lemon and clove bud and smells divine.  


If you want to add some small Country French touches in your house I suggest looking at Gianna Rose Atelier HERE.  I’m always on the lookout for interesting Country French related products to add to my home’s décor.  These would also make great gifts.



Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I will definitely check them out, Kim! The packaging is so pretty! I'm like you, I probably wouldn't open the soap or other things when they are packaged so nicely. The packaging alone makes for a great accessory!

Sarah said...

Lovely gifts! I love to purchase products that are packaged beautifully and creatively. Thanks for sharing this resource. Happy Easter!

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

You are so right about the packaging being a wonderful part of the entire product. It's just beautiful, so I know it has to smell divine!

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