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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Room Service, Please: My Master Bedroom

I decided to give you a tour of my master bedroom today.  I’m really wanting to make some updates to this space and I know that if I just put it out there, I might see it more clearly to help me make some decisions.

It’s been 6 1/2 years since we moved into our home in the fall of 2005, and at that time I was going for more of an Old World look with a combination of Tuscan and French.  I’m wanting a more authentic Country French look with a modern twist now.   I love adding the modern element to classic rooms.

Quite honestly, I think the room is just tired. Or, maybe I’m just wanting a change.

Warning: there’s lots of photos and it’s a long post. You might want to grab a cup of coffee (Starbuck’s if you’re lucky!!!).

This is the main entry into the room, behind the foyer and to the right.



I’m not sure you can see, but I have crystal door handles and all my hardware is oil-rubbed bronze.


The master foyer chest is a vintage oriental piece with painting and raised characters and it also has an inlaid tooled leather top.  The mirror is an Italian antique with the most gorgeous reverse painting around the perimeter.



It’s hard to get a good photo, but here is one section.  There’s a lot of ghosting and patina on this piece and I love it.



This is the view to the left once you are inside. There is another door leading to the private master sitting room or what we call our sunroom.



Same view with the door closed.IMG_6504

All the wood floors in the house are Brazilian Cherry by Bella Wood.  The crown molding on the tray ceiling has an egg and dart motif but it’s hard to see in photos.

This is looking back toward the main door. The door on the left leads to the bathroom.


I don’t mind the wall color. It’s Beige Tellon by Porter. The furniture is just too heavy and overall clunky for me now.  We originally had a sleigh bed with other matching pieces but we gave that to my step-daughter and her husband who live in Atlanta.  The nightstands have black marble on the top which is pretty, but again, too dark.  And, I’m not going to paint this furniture. 

It just doesn’t fit me now.  You know what I really want?  An upholstered headboard. A tufted upholstered headboard. Maybe a French curvy wood framed upholstered headboard.  No footboard. It’s visually in the way.

And, I don’t want a dresser anymore.  I don’t really use it anyway.  I would like a French armoire on this wall.

Oh, and the window treatments are looking a little drab and too drippy with tassels and fringe.  You can’t see for the glare, but there are white wood blinds on the windows.

Shew! That feels better. I think I’m finished with my décor tantrum.


The rug is  hooked needlepoint. It stays.  The bedding is by Eastern Accents and it’s a true paprika or persimmon color.  Lighter color bedding makes more sense where my tastes are headed.  I don’t want a weighted-down feeling in this room.  I don’t think the whole room needs to be changed, but it definitely needs to be re-freshed.

This is a peek into the master bath.  The window with too much glare is actually an etched cherub piece and my dressing room is on the other side.


Back to the bedroom.  Do you see this white bookcase?   It’s not really a bookcase. Well, it is a bookcase, too.  Sound crazy?




It’s a hidden door to a hidden room!  My husband always wanted one of these so we had it designed when we built the house.  I’ve had everything on these shelves and am currently happy with two of the real clam shells from my collection.  This door gets used and I can’t put things on there that will move around easily or fall off and break.

And, yes, it needs some pizazz!  Maybe a glaze to bring out the features or wallpaper in the back of the shelves.

Behind the door it’s a walk-in storage room where we keep all our luggage, etc. and the set of spiral stairs is a secret way to go down to my husband’s office.


This is my favorite area of the whole room.


The Frenchiest thing I have in here is the Louis faux limestone mantle.  This trumeau isn’t one of my antiques. We bought it new from Drexel Heritage when we moved in.  And the urns may be a little too classical. I do like the firescreen.


My husband was reading his Ipad by the fire the other night and I tried to get a good photo. Oh, well, you get the idea.


The needlepoint pillow was made from a Victorian chair seat cover. I used to rescue any good piece of needlepoint and have pillows made.  I also like to add vintage rhinestone jewelry pins to the fronts of pillows. The throw was handmade a by Church Hill Weavers in Berea, KY.


I keep a stack of decorating books in almost every room of the house.  They never seem to make it to the upstairs library.  That’s an antique Chinese wedding basket that we got on our honeymoon in Monterey, CA.  More on the significance of that piece in another post.



Mostly French.  What did you expect?



The painting is dark with the very thick frame.  Something lighter and more modern would be a nice face-lift. 



The pillow is from Pierre Deux and the terra cotta angel fragment is from France.  The small gallery piece isn’t really old or French, but it’s an o.k. copy.  It does have nice inlay though. I have a pair of French Directoire chairs being reupholstered in cream linen and they may be a nice replacement for the shield back chairs.



This is the view looking from the sunroom into the bedroom.



Looking into the sunroom.



My husband and I both keep Ipads by the bed.  This is where I do a lot of my reading of all your lovely blogs!

I don’t have as many small things sitting around in vignettes as I used to have.  After my bout with breast cancer a few years ago, I got rid of a lot of material collections as my priorities changed.  I prefer larger statement pieces in this phase of my life now and a lot less clutter.  I’m certainly not a minimalist, but I continually edit my rooms with a goal of being sleek and chic!!!

There used to be a large painting over the bed when it was a sleigh bed.  I’m also thinking swing-arm wall sconces next to the bed to free up tabletop space on the nightstands.



O.K. A recap of what I need want:

New window treatments

Upholstered Headboard

French armoire

Bedside swing-arm light sconces

Modern French art replacing Tuscan painting

Lighter bedding

O.K. Check.  Now to convince the hubby.

It will take awhile to get to all these changes done.  No hurry.  I’m thinking of doing a mood board for myself and I’ll keep you up to date on my progress.

Any other suggestions?



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Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Beautiful large room. Love all your new wants. I want a French style armoire, too.

Maureen Wyatt said...

I've always wanted a secret door and keep pinning them. Of course I have no place to put such a thing but that doesn't stop the wanting. I bought my daughter an antique chinese bride's basket from San Francisco and she says it is wonderful storage for apartment living. ~ Maureen

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Kim, just got you up on my bloglist to keep track of you! Well, I had MY rant earlier this week in the Master. Your room is just amazing, but wow, haven't our tastes all changes the last year or two. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do!

Unknown said...

I think your room is lovely as is! But I know when you have to "live" with it you grow tired of the decor. Have fun Lightening up!
XO Cindy

Rooms by Ann said...

Your bedroom is beautiful, I look forward to your changes.I sure it will be just as beautiful.

Deserae said...

Your master bedroom is beautiful but I can understand wanting to lighten and freshen things up! I finally told my husband this past weekend that I wanted to get a new bed for the master bedroom. He said he was speechless since the bed is only 6 years old. LOL...I guess men think we should be buried with our furniture? Can't wait to see your mood board :o)

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Kim, your room is so pretty! I'm excited to see where you go with it! Like you, I'm making changes; but, I'm in no hurry to get it all done. I'll just take it as it comes. I know anything that you do will be beautiful.

Our Hopeful Home said...

I've always wanted a secret door to a secret room! How cool is that? I've also always wanted a set of back stairs....It's all quite lovely, really. But I hear you about wanting to lighten things up. I'm also moving toward French farmhouse with a slightly modern twist.....can't wait to see your eventual transformation.

AnnaZed said...

What an absolutely marvelous house!

Darlene Payan said...

I found you on the Hop and so glad I did. A girl after my own heart, just love the home and furniture.
New follower, I will be back.


Hi Kim.....I love all of your ideas to achieve your look. Just changing out the bedding will make a huge difference and you might like your bed again :)

Connie said...

Kim, your fireplace steals my heart away. It's simply fabulous and really sets the french theme for your room

Also the small gallery table by the chair is so great. I've been looking for a similar one to go at the end of my sofa but they all seem a little too tall for sofa arm height.
I enjoy your blog and it's with my favorites.

Anna said...

Love the secret door. Quick tip so you can put most anything on the shelves. Get some Museum Putty (this is what museums secure their treasures with so the can't move).
The putty is very strong and can be removed without harm to the item it was affixes to.

Cynthia said...

I am one of your newest followers. I love so many things in the room starting with the fireplace and the mirror. The chandelier is very pretty as well as the bedding. Beautiful room.

Debbiedoos said...

WOW this looks like a Queens room...certainly fit for one. Just gorgeous. thanks for sharing with my newbie party, as always.

lvroftiques said...

Well your room is already beautiful, but I can certainly understand your wanting to lighten it up. You have so many beautiful elements to work with! I look forward to seeing what you decide to do....That fireplace would stay just as it is if it were me *winks* I love it! Vanna

Honey at 2805 said...

Everything about your room is absolutely perfect! Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Your bedroom is beautiful, but I love the new ideas you are coming up with!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Your room is stunning. Sounds like fabulous changes to refresh it just a little bit to go with your current style. Yes, I think our style changes all the time. Kind of fun. Can't wait to see your changes as you go along. Hugs, marty

Unknown said...

New follower. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous Master. I am sure you have a very beautiful house. I sincerely hope you and your husband make it into a happy home!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! Your master bedroom is breathtaking! I can understand, though, that you may want to change it up a bit, like most people I know. But, may I say it again?, Wow! What a room!

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