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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fall Brocanting Tour To France: Part 1

The 2014 Fall Brocanting Tour to France: Paris to Normandy was a huge success.  The weather was unseasonably warm and we had abundant sunshine for most of the time.  The ladies and I had lots of fun shopping and we enjoyed our time with tour hosts, Cat and Alain from Sunday Brocantes.

Here is an overview of the first 5 days of the trip. 

Day 1:  We arrived in Paris and had a lovely driving tour of the city before stopping to eat at a quaint café near the Jardin du Luxembourg.


In the afternoon, on our way to Normandie, we were lucky enough to stop at Bord de Scène,  home and shop to the charming Christelle.

See some beautiful photos of her place in this article:




Day 2:  We enjoyed a beautiful morning at the brocante and market in Deauville then on to the picturesque town of Honfleur for an afternoon of shopping.


Three American gals living in Paris joined us for this fun-filled day.


Day 3:  An exciting morning was spent at an outdoor “vide grenier” in a neighboring town.  It basically ran through the whole town!  There were lots of hidden treasures here.


We spent the afternoon at a French auction house and participated in the exciting auction of some awesome French antiques.  It was a privilege indeed!


Day 4:  After the excitement of the previous days, this was our “free day” to do some relaxing.  A leisurely stroll through Honfleur was the perfect choice.


We pampered ourselves by ending the day in the spa at the manior!


Day 5:  Halfway through the tour we had a very informative day of sightseeing at a grand chateau where we studied French furniture styles and periods.


We ended every evening at our lovely home away from home….a majestic Norman manior overlooking the port at Le Havre.


Stay tuned for an overview of our last 5 days of the Fall Brocanting Tour to France!

Au Revoir,



Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Oh...you had such a wonderful tour!!!...So sorry I missed it this year!...I bet the auction was lots of fun..You certainly did great things that were different from our tour...loved seeing the pics Kim!

Sarah said...

Loved seeing your overview. Looks like you stayed in beautiful places. I adore Normandy!

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