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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hilltop Paradise in Eze, France

Eze is a small medieval village in the south of France not far from the city of Nice.  We spent a lovely afternoon there on our recent trip to the French Riviera.


Eze is famous for the panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea from its hilltop.  It overlooks a high cliff 1,401 ft above sea level and is referred to as an “Eagle’s nest” because of its location.


I was more focused on the beauty and charm and this ancient village.


It’s narrow and winding streets (no cars here!) were mesmerizing.  You could feel the serenity and history in this place and could become lost in its many passageways.


I found it to be a quiet town…almost reverent and respectful of centuries old architecture.


It had many shops, art galleries, hotels, and restaurants.  It is a very popular tourist and honeymoon destination and we were told it has mostly become a “museum village” with  few local residents still living here.  The Chevre d’Or is probably the most famous restaurant on the hilltop.


It was so peaceful to be here and we enjoyed a leisurely lunch in a secluded bistro.  The owner produced his own olive oil and we brought back a couple delicious varieties.


Walt Disney himself spent a lot of time in Eze.  I loved these blue shutters.  Notice the fruit on the tree!


I loved this large biot jar used as a base for training the climbing plant.


With such gorgeous scenery, Eze was a wonderful place to meditate and slow-down our fast-paced lives….even if only for a day!


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More info HERE and HERE.

À bientôt mes amis,


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