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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ugly Dining Table Centerpiece?

I’m going to show you a centerpiece that I came up with but I don’t think I like it.  This could be the ugly duckling of table centerpieces.

table_centerpiece (2)

I wanted to use natural elements and not purchase anything so I shopped the house and raided the fruit bowl.


I’ve had this two-tiered iron thing for a while and never really used it before.  I added a silver compote for extra height and played around with different items to put on top.

table_centerpiece (4)

Simple glass votive holders finally won out and the apples provide a pop of color.

table_centerpiece (5)

I’m afraid too much “in-your-face”, “this is just tacky" color!

table_centerpiece (6)

Oh well, I’m just tired of the same ol’ thing and wanted something different.
Maybe I’ll find something in France to replace it with.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I really like that two-tiered thing! I would keep it and place one nice size pale pumpkin on top for fall and add a lot of other fall natural foliage and tiny pumpkins and apples on the bottom around the candle votives.

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