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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Patisserie, Patisserie….Where For Art Thou My Patisserie Table? (and while we’re at it can we talk daybeds?)

Guess what I’ll be looking for while in France?  Not one but TWO patisserie tables. One for a client and one for ME!

What will I find?  One like this:

(Source: Via)

Or this…

This is the one I let get away in Provence.  Love the original green paint and the patina on the brass balls.


On to French daybeds.  Oh the stuff dreams are made of.  Here are my 3 favorite styles and I’m hopeful I’ll return with at least one.  The first two photos I snapped from Claudia Strasser’s book, “Paris, Flea Market Style”.  I did a review on this eye candy of a book a while back.  Read it HERE if you missed it.



And quite possibly my top choice is an iron version.  Sooooo dreamy….

Love the medallion in the middle.

(source: frenchfinds.co.uk)

I’m hoping to have great luck in my search.
Here are some additional images of rooms with daybeds for inspiration.


(Country Living)

(House Beautiful)

And we’ve all seen this iconic image.

Here’s to dreaming about French patisserie tables and daybeds!


Sarah said...

Have a safe and fabulous trip, Kim. I know you'll find lots of treasures and come home with the perfect patisserie table and day bed.

*Chic Provence* said...

Bonjour Kim! Have a fabulous wonderful trip to our beloved France! I remember that green table you found in Provence..maybe Madame still has it? Looking forward to hearing al about your trip...is Bobbi going with you too?

A bientot


Cynthia said...

Kim have a very safe and very wonderful trip!! Love that table that got away, too bad. The daybeds the iron one is a beauty!!! Good luck in your search!!


NanaDiana said...

I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful safe trip, Kim. You have some beautiful examples here today. Love the daybeds! The table I like best is the one that got away! (of course it is!) xo Diana

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