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Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Vignette To Remember

I can’t believe it’s less than 2 weeks before I head to France with a lovely group of gals on the first Blogger’s Brocanting Tour.  Hopefully, “Kimberly Hites…From Paris to Normandy” shopping tour with Sunday Brocantes will be an annual event!

My mind has been wondering back to my beloved times in Paris and I realized I have a small Eiffel Tower collection that occurred quite happenstance.  I gathered up all my La Tour Eiffels and created a vignette to remind me of the Paris romance I so adore.


I found this gorgeous Eiffel statue at an antique show a couple years ago. It’s the best example I have and is made of bronze on a marble base.  This is the one I keep on a table in my master bedroom to always remind me of my love for Paris.


These 3 beauties were found in very different places.  The far left on the orange base is plastic. Yes, plastic and is incised Made In France Paris.  It was found in a local antique shop.  The middle red-orange metal one I picked up at the Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris and the last little silver metal one I bought on ebay.


I bought the original photo page from a vintage souvenir book from Jermaine at French-Kissed.


A lavender filled grain sack adds to the French mystique.  Can you smell it?


The Eiffel Tower…she is mezmerizing…


I fell in love with this Luneville plate when I spotted it at the Vanves flea market in Paris.  Its mark on the back dates it to the late 1800s or early 1900s.


Here’s a peek at the living room in my daughter’s condo that I’m decorating for her while she’s in college.  I picked up the very large Paris photo at IKEA.  This same picture was hanging in the last Paris apartment that I stayed.


I’m hoping to find another vintage Eiffel Tower on our trip.


And finally the real thing.  Nothing like smooching in front of the Eiffel…with your hubby of course!


Do you have any vintage Eiffels lurking around your house?  Any unwanted ones send them my way! lol
Counting down the days…Je l’adore.

(BTW...Click on any photo to Pin It to Pinterest.  Thanks to my wonderful blog designer for the pin button, Karen Valentine of Valentine Designs.)


Michele said...


You have a wonderful collection - with such memories.

I have only been to France once and soooo wish I was going with all of YOU - what fun you shall have!

I have a huge antique Paris aerial map by Restoration Hardware - I think it runs in the hundreds that I recently aquired...it's a huge bunch of 11 x 8 rectangles together make up this view - it's amazing....and for what I wanted? Wrong size. I coulda died.

If you are interested in it let me know I can send you all the particulars and make a heckuva deal for ya. It's brand new and pristine and really cool.


Sarah said...

Kim, I'm a collector who loves Paris, so of course I have a small group of Eiffel Tower pieces. Also got hooked on fleur de lys pieces that work well with the Eiffel Tower pieces. If you like Limoges boxes, look for vintage ones at the markets. It was thrill to me when I found one. Hopefully one day I just might find one or two more.
Happy travels. I know it is going to be a fabulous trip!

Sarah said...

Kim, forgot to mention the plate. What a fabulous find. Porte de Vanves is a great market.

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Fabulous collection, Kim. I love the little Eiffel I won in your giveaway. Wish I were going with you all. Maybe next time.

Cynthia said...

Here's wishing you the best on your trip. I would love to see Paris!! You have a gorgeous collection and that photo is just beautiful.


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