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Friday, March 29, 2013

Joyeuse Pâques

I’m thinking of Paris this weekend and how thrilling it would be to stroll by the many chocolateries  and patisseries during the Easter holiday.

A favorite moment of mine in Montmartre last fall was watching this charming family that I was fortunate enough to capture in photos.  It was a charming (of course, EVERYTHING is charming in Paris) small patisserie and as we were approaching on the cobblestone streets I noticed “un garçon” running ahead of his parents straight toward the window of the shop.  His family caught up with him as he was standing on the ledge to get a better view of the goodies inside.  (J’adore the soft mint green color of the façade.)


At his persuasive pleading in French, his mother agreed to purchase a yummy treat.  Ahhhhh, quintessential Paris moment.


I was also reminded of this colorful box of macaroons from Ladurée that was sent to us as a welcome gift from Philippe, the owner of the Paris apartment that we rented.  I can honestly tell you they were as good as they look.  You can visit the famous macaroon maker here http://www.laduree.fr/en/scene


What lucky shoppers to find themselves in this scrumptious place.  Oh, Paris how I miss you.  Food is such an art form in France and everything is elevated to a more delicious state!


My mind travels back to a myriad of endless treats awaiting eager patrons such as myself.  I find it is not a chore to wait in line.  It is quit pleasant listening to the chatter in French as I make my selections.  My mouth thanks me for the reward of tasting such confection perfection.  How I would love to have any of the following deserts spread out on my Easter table with all their French yumminess!

Œufs de Pâques en biscuits roses

(Easter eggs in pink biscuits)
Œufs de Pâques en biscuits roses

Crème au chocolat à la cassonade

(cream in chocolate brown sugar)
3 verres de crème au chocolat à a cassonade décorés pour Pâques

Macarons chocolatés

(chocolate macaroons)

Macarons chocolatés, décoration de Pâques

Petits nids à la noix de coco

(small coconut nests)
petits nids à la noix de coco

Petits œufs à la nougatine

(small egg nougatine)
petits œufs à la nougatine

Lapins aux pépites de chocolat

(rabbit with chocolate nuggets)
Brioche en forme de lapin aux pépites de chocolat pour Pâques

Poule au nid

(chicken in a nest!)
Poule en chocolat sur son nid, un bavarois crémeux et fondant

(images 7 thru 13 from Marie Claire Maison)

I came across this photo below on “google images” and loved it’s simplicity and color.  It reminds me of this season so symbolic of life, growth, and re-emergence.

Remember:  HE IS RISEN!

Now that’s something to celebrate!


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Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Can't wait for that good food.

Happy Easter!

Debbiedoos said...

You have no idea how I wish I could be there too! The pastries in Ireland were the best we ever had, so I can imagine in Paris. Ahhh...I will just live vicariously through you lovely ladies. Happy Easter Kim! XO

Sarah said...

Oh, you are making me long for a Parisian visit. The chocolate shops are amazing, but especially at a holiday such as Easter. And this year Easter is quickly followed by April Fools Day so these shops will probably be filled with chocolate fish too. Do you know that tradition?
Happy Easter! ~ Sarah

Phyllis @Around the House said...

Oh wow wouldn't that be the most wonderful thing to be in Paris for Easter to see all the wonderful bakeries and all their Easter goodies...so exciting, lovedddd your pictures inside the store...

prince snow farm said...

Just found you through Cat...lovely images, can't wait to come back! Happy Easter!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Can't wait for the France trip....and my friend who traveled to Paris last year brought me back a box of those famous and incredible macarons...love those wonderful places you presented Kim.

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