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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Décor: Am I Behind the Times and Reverting to Has-Beens? (Plus Interior Design Trends for 2013)

Yipee!  Guess what I’ve just ordered for décor updates in my home?

A Roost clock

A framed chalkboard from Ballard Designs

Rectangular Magnetic Chalkboard

You must be thinking,  “Huh, Kim….Updates…Really?….I think you’re behind the times.  Those are so last year and year before.”

I know, I know.  I’m a little late jumping on the bandwagon.

I really need a large clock and I’ve admired the Roost clock for sometime now.  I have searched and searched and I am so tired of all the faux “made- to- look- old- and crackled paper on fiberboard” versions.  It also seems a lot of those have Roman numerals.  I just think the Roost clock is smart looking and makes a statement without a lot of fuss.

The chalkboard?  Yes, they’ve been all over blogland FOR-EVVA now and I think at one point I swore I wasn’t going to give in to the movement and get one.  Wrong.  And late at that. 

Rectangular Magnetic Chalkboard

I decided that the pear painting was too small and not working in the breakfast nook any more and I wanted something large and in charge.  Also, I’m tired of looking at the same old boring art work.  So I’m gonna give the chalkboard idea a try.  I figure it’s fun and fresh.  At least for my house.  Ballard also has a new version that’s magnetic and framed in metal with a zinc finish.


See what I mean?  It definitely could use some updating.

I’ll let my house speak for itself and decide if they work after I live with them for awhile.  I’ll show you the reveal after I receive them and put them up.

Okay, let’s move on….what are the real NEW design trends for 2013?

House Beautiful has two different articles on trending ideas in design for 2013.  The first one is Bloggers’ Decorating Obsessions HERE


Interior Designers’ picks for trends HERE.

I’m not real sure why there would be a difference in trends in these two groups.   They each give their ideas of the top 10 trends.

All photos below via House Beautiful.

Not surprisingly, brass is making a comeback and made both lists.  Not the high polished brass of the 80’s, but a softer natural brass that ages beautifully over time.


And to my absolute delight, French Louis style and antique furniture were each on a list.  I can tell you that these styles and pieces will always be in vogue in some form or another.


Glazed ceramic lamps, filtered light, grasscloth, and 20th century furniture made the Blogger’s list along with outdoor rooms and informal gardens.

glazed ceramic lamps


The couple I’m questioning are camouflage (yes, camouflage) and unusual floral elements.  Just not sure about my confidence in these things taking off for most of us.

Rounding out the designer’s list was an emphasis on art, bright paint colors, sophisticated man caves (technology will become more and more important in our future), homey kitchens (think organic modernism), and glossy lacquered furniture.


My hubby would love this!

And finally the questionable ones to me on this list were computer generated fabrics and James Mont furniture.  Apparently the fashion industry has been using computer generated fabrics and it’s being forecasted they will make their way into our homes and James Mont pieces are over the top.  They’re both a little “out there” for me.  Interesting, but “out there”.



My picks for 2013?  Bold graphic prints, lucite furniture, and natural brass mixed with Country French antiques.

What do you think?  Are you catching up with old trends or taking the plunge with new ones?

Happy Decorating,



NanaDiana said...

I am always a bit behind the eight ball. However, I find that if I am FAR enough behind then I am right in trend when it comes around again- ie: aged brass! lol xo Diana

Michele said...

I like to think I don't give in to any real trends at all, but it isn't quite true - but I seldom go all out and am never a slave to any trend or fashion.

I know what I like, and I mix all sorts up - except I am not a fan of cold, bold, too linear or contemporary. Never plastic, I tend to use natural items in my home....glass, wood, fibers, stone, metals, etc.

Sarah said...

Never very trendy here with my wardrobe or with our home. We rock along with things pretty much the same. I would like to freshen up the paint, and I also like to rearrange vignettes by moving collections from room to room or in or out of storage. ;-)
Love both the clock and the chalk board.

Maureen Wyatt said...

I don't follow a trend time line here. DIY takes time and I can't use all the trendy ideas, all at once, that I've filed away. If I like it it will happen eventually and if I don't, it never will make it's way into my home.

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Great post, Kim! You know I really don't follow trends. I just kinda buy what I like and hope that it works...lol! Each season, I may bring in one 'trendy' item and tweak things a bit; but, I don't think I'll ever cater to one style.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Great post Kim...and wouldn't ya know...I sold two brass lamps that I had for years at last years yard sale!...oh well....can't hold on to everything...my attic is full.....Love the clock...!!

Sandy said...

I don't usually go with trends because by the time I catch-up I'm already very late to the party. I just go with what I like. I might throw a trendy thing in every now and then. Good to hear that a more muted brass is trending because I let hubby pick out my curtain rods for the bedroom (wasn't real sure about the toned more bronze/brass look). Man caves? Just updates ours and now my hubby asks why I'm down there? I'll have to check out the links you provided. This was a great post. You'll be seeing lots of comments because I'm catching up reading your blog.

Sandy said...

I forgot to tell you how much I love your chalkboard.

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