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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How To Personally Match Your Bedroom And An Exciting Announcement!

This is too awesome!  I found black toile pajamas that match the décor in my master bedroom!


Get the heck outta here!  Can you believe it?


Did I mention they were totally awesome?


No, honestly can you believe it?


O.K. If I think I’ve gone toile crazy before, this has got to take the cake!



I’ll look just like one of the cornice boards when I go to bed.  My husband won’t be able to tell us apart. lol  (Okay now I’m getting carried away…I’m sure he’ll know which one is me)



I found these at Gump’s online…on sale.  Yes siree.  They are by BeadHead and regularly $140 but I got them for $79 plus another 20% off.

The toile pattern is really nice.


I have my eye on another pair of pajamas at Gump’s…..they have the Eiffel Tower on them!  Hopefully they’ll go on sale after Christmas.  But for now,  I’ll just have to match the décor of my bedroom.

How many people can say that?  (Come to think about it, how many people would want to?)  lol




I really have been enjoying putting little “French touches” all over my home with the lovely things that I was so lucky to find when I was in France this last fall.  Seeing these things around my home reminds me of the wonderful trip and I have to say I am so eager to go back!


…And I am! And you can too! Come with me—I mean!

I am so excited to announce a French vintage shopping tour this coming Fall that I am planning with Cat from Sunday Brocantes!

Kimberly Hites’

“Let’s Go Shopping in France!”

A blogger’s shopping tour this next September 2013!



There will be 6 spots available for six days of shopping, staying at wonderful accommodations and exploring Paris and Normandy to shop for French vintage treasures and antiques.



That’s all I am going to say for now! More details will follow.  Cat is working with me to create an unforgettable event to go to the best sales, flea markets and brocantes and I can not wait to share all the great ideas with you!

So how about it? Fall shopping tour in France…




Merry “in your warm snuggly flannel pj’s” Christmas,


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Rosemary@villabarnes said...

That sounds like a blast, and I love your toile pjs.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Only you could find PJ's to match your room!!..They are wonderful!...September?....waiting to hear more info...!!

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Toile pj's?! So cute, Kim! Perfect for you! And France would be so exciting! Can't wait to hear more!

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...


Wish I could go - so would love to - but hubs and I are going to Italy for our anniversary in Sept in 2013.

I sure hope there will be another time you do this- I would so go with you!

Your toile jammies are just over the top, girl! Whoo hoo!

Pendra said...

Shut the front door, are you serious? I've gotta somehow leave a BIG hint to Mr. P. about the Toile P.J.'s!! I've never encountered another Toile nut with as BIG of an obsession as me! hehehe! Thanks for the tip!
Happy Toile Dreams,
p.s. I even made Toile fabric flowers on my Christmas cards this year...serious!

Cat @ Sunday Brocantes, France said...

Cannot wait to get all the pieces together to make this September the trip of a lifetime!

....But more importantly...I am not making this up!---We have the SAME toile in our bedroom! same exact! I must have those PJ's too!

xx! Cat


Hi Kim! Sounds like fun and I adore your toile pjs..I love toile too, hope I can find something in it soon, or maybe material to make a tablecloth or something! Thank you for coming sweet friend..makes me so happy! Happy holidays.

NanaDiana said...

LOVE the pjs...and LOVE the idea of the tour. What fun!!!! xo Diana

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

First of all, you are too stnkin CUTE!!!! The PJ's are adorable and the trip sounds amzing! I won't be able to enter as am a TERRIBLE flier, Fl. is as far as I have gotten:): XO, Pinky

La Brocanteuse said...

Love your pj's! You do know you shall have to take them along on your brocante tour! Best wishes with all the planning, looking forward to hear about all you girls will be up to!
Wishing you a blessed Noel..
Colette xx

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