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Monday, July 9, 2012

Vintage Wedding Ideas: Part 2: Say “I Do” {More Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas}

I’m so excited to be sharing more romantic eco-friendly vintage wedding ideas with you.   I’ll be back to décor posting soon, but I couldn’t resist talking about weddings this summer.

In my previous post, I shared some ideas for using antique/vintage sterling pieces in your wedding to give it a special touch.

vintage_wedding_jewelry_ideas (17)

Today, I’m gonna give you some more ideas that I used in my own wedding starting with the engagement.

vintage_wedding_jewelry_ideas (2)

Instead of a new engagement ring, my husband and I searched for a vintage ring that had more character than a new one.

Idea #1:  Opt for a vintage engagement ring.


You don’t have to spend a small fortune on high-end estate jewelry.  We were patient and searched antique stores for those that had descent estate jewelry, but didn’t specialize in it.  Therefore, we got a much better deal and pieces can be had for far less than you can buy a new one.  Instead of a big “rock”, we choose a simple princess style ring.  It is set in platinum and has old mine cut diamonds  (they don’t cut diamonds this way anymore).  We only paid a few hundred dollars and it is worth every penny.  Family heirlooms, such as your mother’s or grandmother’s diamond can have extra special meaning.  Just update it by having it re-set.

Idea #2:  Search for jewelry pieces that have a story to tell.

The Victorians used special bracelets for a pre-engagement symbol?  Who knew?  We found mine for a song at an antique store. Kinda like a friendship ring.

vintage_wedding_jewelry_ideas (3)

I even wore this bracelet on my wedding day.

vintage_wedding_jewelry_ideas (4)

Idea #3:  Don’t leave your future husband out of the picture…find him some great cuff links.

Just look at this great pair of Edwardian rose gold cufflinks.  Handsome if I must say so and my husband got to be fashionably vintage as well!


vintage_wedding_jewelry_ideas (6)


Idea #4: Sterling lockets and heart charms have tons of uses in your vintage wedding so pick up several.

vintage_wedding_jewelry_ideas (10)

You can usually find lots of sterling heart charms at antique shows and good flea markets because charm bracelets were so popular with the Victorians and of course, ebay always has a good variety.  I removed the heart charms from a bracelet to use in other ways.

vintage_wedding_jewelry_ideas (20)

They can be tied onto your bouquet (which is what I did) or on your bridesmaids bouquets.  Use them on ring bearers pillows or on ribbons adorning guest chairs.

vintage_wedding_jewelry_ideas (18)

Can you even believe the detail on these tiny treasures?  Some are Edwardian and Art Nouveau.

vintage_wedding_jewelry_ideas (13)


You can’t go wrong with lockets.

vintage_wedding_jewelry_ideas (8)

Wear one yourself with a picture of you and your very soon-to-be husband or insert your parents or grandparents photos.

vintage_wedding_jewelry_ideas (9)

These make the greatest gifts for your bridesmaids, use small ones for flower girls, or give one to your mother and future mother-in-law.  Everyone’s will be different and unique and hand-picked by you. 

I’m especially partial to the locket pins but the necklace version is just fine.

I found the mother-of-pearl cross to wear the evening before we were married. 

vintage_wedding_jewelry_ideas (14)


I think it is so charming and crosses are such an important symbol for me.

vintage_wedding_jewelry_ideas (15)


How romantic!

vintage_wedding_jewelry_ideas (16)



vintage_wedding_jewelry_ideas (12)

These vintage pieces made my day so much more memorable.  What vintage pieces did you or your daughter use?

Please join me on Wednesday for my final post on vintage wedding ideas.  Remember to check out the first post HERE.



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Janette - The2Seasons said...

For my daughter/blog partner's wedding, we framed 4 x 6 colored copies of her great-grandmother's post-cards from 1912 - 1915. They all had something to do with romance in them and were quite risque for her time. We made one for each guest, and put their names and table numbers on them. They were a hit. She also wore her husband's grandmother's garter. When I was married, I had my grandmother's wedding band tied into my bouquet.

Olive said...

What inspiring vintage ideas Kim. I love your ring. I have a similar one of my aunts that I need to have repaired as the gold has thinned out too much. Have you seen the bouquets made of old pins floating around the blogs? Now I am going to the first post that I somehow missed.

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Such beautiful pieces - and your ring is stunning.

This is such a neat post.

Anita at Cedar Hill said...

Totally gorgeous ideas. I love those Edwardian hearts, and weren't you smart to go vintage on your engagement ring. If I had it to do over, I wouldn't even go with a diamond, but would have gone with something else. Great staging too!!

Victoria Mische said...

Those wedding ideas are really stunning and gorgeous!Every single pieces are remarkably beautiful. I salute the wedding decorator for an outstanding decors and ideas she implemented on this wedding! Well done!

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amit said...

awesome photos ... such an adorable wedding dress. love it.Thanks for sharing all these blogs and phots are very useful to every one

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John david said...

It's an amazing wedding ideas. It's very fantastic photo look gorgeous. I like very much for this wonderful decorations.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Your wedding ideas are incredible...you should gather them all together and write a book....they are fantastic...love the idea of the vintage ring and the charms are such a great idea!!...

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