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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Tisket, A Tasket, Of Course, It’s a French BASKET!

Just a quick post to share this wonderful 1920s French basket that came from a lovely shop on Etsy named Sunday Brocantes.  Please take a moment to visit Cat and her lovely blog. She’s from the U.S., married to a French guy, lives in Normandy, and has a great “eye” for tresors!


My basket is a nice large size at 18” H and was probably used for cut stalks of lavender as the bottom is concave.


I fell in love with Cat’s photo of this basket in her Etsy shop.


It’s in such wonderful condition for it’s age and the different colored banding is awesome.

Check out these other great baskets that you can get from Sunday Brocantes.


Bicycle Basket


Wire Egg Basket


Vintage Whimsical Basket

The French use baskets for everything.  Baskets possess such beauty in their utilitarian form and become more cherished the more they are used and loved.  There’s just something romantic about a French basket.  A staple in French Country décor—n’est-ce  pas?

Au Revoir,


1 comment:

Cat @ Sunday Brocantes, France said...

Bonjour Kim! So happy that the basket found such a lovely home! I appreciate so much the mention of my shop on Etsy!

Congratulations on your gorgeous blog and creative ventures!

Thanks so much again! You and your lovely blog readers and followers can receive 15% off a first purchase at my Etsy shop by using discount code 'Belle15' at the end of the checkout transaction!

Merci a vous! et bonne chance mon amie!
xx Cat

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